james Cairney

James Cairney Civil, Regulatory & Criminal Barrister

Bankside Chambers Auckland

James is an expert in civil and criminal disputes and investigations. He accepts instructions from private and government clients in matters ranging from advisory to trial and appellate court litigation.

Criminal Law & Regulatory Investigations

An experienced regulatory and criminal litigator, James assists clients with regulatory and other investigations, in particular in relation to safety matters such as workplace fatalities, in relation to the consumer sector, and in relation to finance and financial markets matters.

Civil Disputes & Commercial Litigation

James acts for clients in disputes about money, including contractual claims, negligence claims against professionals, and in bankruptcy and liquidation.

Contact James if:

  • You’re in a financial dispute.
  • You’re subject to an investigation such as a regulatory investigation.
  • Someone has wronged you.
  • You’re facing criminal charges.